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Open Space Commission

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Open Space Commission Information

The Alexandria Township Agriculture & Open Space Commission was established to assist the acquisition, protection, and conservation of agricultural & open space within the township.  The Commission consists of five members.

The Agriculture & Open Space Commission works cooperatively with regional landowners on a volunteer basis and in partnership with land trusts, community organizations, and alongside county and state government agencies.

As of January 1, 2022, there are 55 preserved farms comprising 3,358 acres in the township.

Farmland Preservation Process Overview

  • Farmland preservation helps to preserve the rural character of the township.
  • Preservation is a means to access some of the equity in a farm without selling it entirely.
  • The farm remains private property where the owner can continue to live on, rent, sell, and utilize the property for agricultural purposes.
  • Applications are submitted by the landowner to the township, county, or state programs.
  • The value of the land and development rights are assessed under current market conditions based on factors including local zoning, state regulations, wetlands, soils and septic suitability and an offer is made.
  • The landowner can make a decision based on the offer whether or not they wish to proceed with the preservation process. There is generally no cost to the landowner if the offer is rejected at this time.
  • Should the landowner wish to pursue the opportunity, ta survey, title and closing review are conducted, typically within 18-24 months of the offer.
  • The preservation process costs are covered by the program and there is generally no cost to the landowner for the preservation to occur.
  • The landowner is paid at the time of closing when the property becomes preserved and an agricultural easement is recorded on the property


Floyd Evans
Open Space Chair
[email protected]

Tom Hlasney
[email protected] 

Commission Members

Floyd L. Evans Jr., Chair
Thomas Hlasney, Vice Chair
Evan Madlinger
Greg Miceli
Gabe Sipos
Emily Foreman, Activities Chair

Open Space Meeting Schedule

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Meetings are held the second Wednesday of every month at 7pm in the Alexandria Township Municipal building.

Email us to sign up for meeting and agenda announcements.